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Atari Console Concept

I’ve always wanted to have a go at designing a video game console, so choosing a classic brand such as Atari seemed like a good starting point. Modern consoles have lost their individuality and identity over the past two decades, becoming little more than a grey box with a slot for discs. I wanted my Atari console concept to draw on the design heritage of Atari, but also have a clear and strong look of its own. The console is meant to be a statement piece in its own right and not blend into the overcrowded mass of boxes that live beneath our televisions. The most loved and recognised of all Atari’s console designs is the 2600, so I used the basic form as a starting point and embossed a giant Atari “Fuji” logo onto the top vents. My personal favourite version of the 2600 is the all black ‘Darth Vader’ model, so I took this dark colour scheme and offset the starkness with the brightly coloured pastels from the XE’s large function buttons.

atari console concept


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