• atari console concept right delaney digital 3d cornwall

    Atari Console Concept

    I’ve always wanted to have a go at designing a video game console, so choosing a classic brand such as Atari seemed like a good starting point. Modern consoles have lost their individuality and identity over the past two decades, becoming little more than a grey box with a slot for discs. I wanted my Atari console concept to draw on the design heritage of Atari, but also have a clear and strong look of its own. The console is meant to be a statement piece in its own right and not blend into the overcrowded mass of boxes that live beneath our televisions. The most loved and recognised of all Atari’s console designs is the 2600, so I used the basic form as a starting point and embossed a giant Atari “Fuji” logo onto the top vents. My personal favourite version of the 2600 is the all black ‘Darth Vader’ model, so I took this dark colour scheme and offset the starkness with the brightly coloured pastels from the XE’s large function buttons.

    atari console concept


  • 3d cornwall business cards delany digital

    Delaney Digital portfolio business cards by MOO.com

    I have just received my new Delaney Digital portfolio business cards from MOO.com and I have to say that I was very impressed with both the service and the product. You have the option to upload as many images as you want to appear on the back of the cards, which is perfect for designers who want to show off their portfolio. The Luxe cards printed on 600gsm Mohawk superfine paper, which is about three times thicker than normal business cards and they even have a coloured band on the edge. Print quality is pretty good for digital process, you might get a sharper image if you went for a litho printed card but it would cost you a fortune to have different images on the back of each card.

    delaney digital portfolio business cards

  • volks pioneer design joe volk record delaney digital 3d cornwall

    Volks Pioneer design features on Joe Volk / Boris LP

    Musician and songwriter Joe Volk recently contacted me and asked if he could use my Volks Pioneer image at the centre of his latest LP.  Joe is the Great Grandson of electrical engineer and inventor Magnus Volk, who built the unique, but short lived, Brighton to Rottingdean Seashore Electric Railway. Pioneer was the name given to the tramcar on legs, which travelled along rails fixed to the seabed. The limited edition album was pressed on lush royal blue vinyl. You can purchase a copy from Invada Records.

    If you wish to purchase prints of my Volks Pioneer design email me. Read the Volks Pioneer prints blog post for details.


  • 3d cornwall gee magazine tetris art delaney digital

    Tetris art ‘Tetriscopic’ features in GEE Magazine

    German video game and lifestyle magazine ‘GEE’ recently ran an article on Tetris art work. Having seen my piece ’Tetriscopic’ on the Delaney Digital website, GEE’s Moses Grohé contacted me and asked if they could feature it.

    The inspiration for Tetriscopic came from watching the BBC documentary film ‘Tetris – From Russia with Love’. The film is an in-depth look at the people and events behind the making of the original Tetris. During this time I had been trying to create a puzzle game concept of my own and had studied all the Tetris clones on the internet.  The concept of 3D Tetris was an old one, but I had the idea of using the Gameboy’s monochrome colour palette and block forms, to create an original piece of Tetris art. The work was created using 3D Studio Max and a 3D anaglyph plugin.


  • volks pioneer framed print delaney digital 3d cornwall

    Volks Pioneer giclèe prints on sale

    The Volks Pioneer tramcar prints are now on sale, they are giclèe on smooth fine art paper. There will be two versions printed, a side view and a three quarter view. The prints will be limited to a run of only 200 and will be signed and numbered. A highly detailed and accurate art print of The Volks Pioneer electric tram car. Painstakingly reconstructed from photos, drawings and articles of the day, this print truly brings the Pioneer back to life. You can purchase the print only or a professionally framed version, which measures 43x43x3.5cm (WHD) with an image area of 28x28cm. The prints cost £20 and the framed version is £45 not including postage, email me at mrg@delaneydigital.com for more information.

    Various views of the Volks Pioneer print can be seen here.