• minimig amiga console evil delaney digital 3d cornwall
  • minimig amiga console delaney digital 3d cornwall

Minimig Amiga console design

I designed two Minimig consoles to illustrate Dennis van Weeren’s mini Amiga project. The product visuals reference 16bit consoles from the 90’s, with their simple joypads and characterful main units. I owned a Commodore Amiga as a child and was a big fan of their graphics capabilities, which where far in excess of those of the Macs and PCs of the time. I wanted to design a Minimig console that had a strong character of its own and wasn’t just another plastic box with flashing lights on the front. The black minimig console ended up being my favourite, but I’m not sure the bank of red LEDs serve any purpose other than to give the console a darker character. I think that feature was inspired by two pieces of sci-fi film technology, the Maximilian robot from ‘The Black Hole’ and the WOPR computer from ‘WarGames’.