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Tetris art ‘Tetriscopic’ features in GEE Magazine

German video game and lifestyle magazine ‘GEE’ recently ran an article on Tetris art work. Having seen my piece ’Tetriscopic’ on the Delaney Digital website, GEE’s Moses Grohé contacted me and asked if they could feature it.

The inspiration for Tetriscopic came from watching the BBC documentary film ‘Tetris – From Russia with Love’. The film is an in-depth look at the people and events behind the making of the original Tetris. During this time I had been trying to create a puzzle game concept of my own and had studied all the Tetris clones on the internet.  The concept of 3D Tetris was an old one, but I had the idea of using the Gameboy’s monochrome colour palette and block forms, to create an original piece of Tetris art. The work was created using 3D Studio Max and a 3D anaglyph plugin.


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